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We're a Folk Death Metal band from Barcelona.


The origin of Northland, back into the end of 2007, started when the band edited the first demo Freezing Sadness. Wagering on a quite unknown style in Spain, Northland began to make concerts in order to claim for a place within the national metal scene.

Their music crossed the borders and the band signed up for the German label Black Bards. As a result, Northland (2010), their first studio release, was brought to light.

This launch opened the gates for Northland to participate in numerous festivals, tours and concerts around the European continent. After three years and almost a hundred of gigs, Northland began to be considered one of the significant bands among the Folk Metal scene.

After a hard-working period of composition and studio enclosure, the band steps forward towards its consolidation releasing their second long length Downfall & Rebirth in January 2015, which is receiving great critique by fans and media alike.

Northland are

Alex FernÁndez





Vocals and guitars


Keyboards and piano






Downfall and Rebirth

When Nature Awakes
Bloodred Sunrise
Together We Die
The Rite
Fury's Unleashed
Spirit in Darkness
Whispers in the Wind
Downfall and Rebirth
Moonlight Spell
Newborn Star

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Prelude To Revenge
Immortal Forest Song
The Old Town's Inn
Lord Of The Flies
Everything Becomes Dust
Path to...
Distant Land
Where The Heroes Die
Withering Rose

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Where the heroes die
Warriors Of Ice
Ancient tales
Freezing Sadness
The Awakening


Below you can see a list of our upcoming and past shows, updated monthly with news and modifications. To know more about these events, feel free to follow us on our social networks to keep yourself updated.

Upcoming Shows

21/11/2015: (ES) Murcia; Sala B with Knabulu and Requiem. Tickets - Entradas
27/11/2015: (ES) Madrid; We Rock with Celtibeerian and Heid
28/11/2015: (ES) Ciudad Real; Sala Nana with Mishakal
19/12/2015: (ES) Córdoba; Sala Recycle with Vikingore and TBA. Tickets - Entradas
30/01/2016: (ES) Barcelona; Winterfest with Drakum and Lépoka
06/02/2016: (ES) Valencia; Sala Matisse with TBA

Past Shows

10/01/2009: (ES) Barcelona; Apolo 2 with Centinela
14/02/2009: (ES) Vinaròs; La Colla Rock
21/03/2009: (ES) Barcelona; La Nau. Made in Hellfest
18/04/2009: (ES) Sabadell; with Barovia and Nocterum
25/04/2009: (ES) Barcelona; Mephisto with Saurom and Karlahan
08/05/2009: (ES) Badalona; with La Kinky Beat
27/06/2009: (AT) Reichenthal; Northern Lights Festival
04/09/2009: (ES) Barcelona; KGB with Hordak and Endorthyn
13/09/2009: (ES) Badalona; Estraperlo with Ephemeral Dusk and 69 Válvulas
14/09/2009: (ES) Badalona; Estraperlo with Cosmic Grass
25/09/2009: (UK) Dudley; JB's. METALFEST
23/10/2009: (ES) Barcelona; Rock Sound with Karlahan and Endorthyn

30/04/2010: (ES) Sant Vicenç dels Horts; Lapsus Metal Fest
08/05/2010: (ES) Badalona; Festes de Badalona
22/05/2010: (ES) Barcelona; Mephisto with Saurom
11/06/2010: (GE) Bornstedt; Black Troll Festival
06/08/2010: (RO) Busteni; OST Mountain Fest
16/09/2010: (DE) Aachen; Wild Rover with Evil Hedgehog
18/09/2010: (DE) Schloss Schkopau; 2. Bordun Rocknächte
19/09/2010: (DE) Gummersbach; Valhalla with Mister Killjoy 
21/10/2010: (ES) Barcelona; Spanish tour with Eluveitie and Korpiklaani

21/01/2011: (ES) Gironella; La Berguedana de Thrash
29/01/2011: (ES) Barcelona; Espai Jove Fontana. Aggression CD presentation
19/02/2011: (ES) Granada; 4 the Metal Festival
25/02/2011: (FR) Vernouillet; WARM UP Festival
04/03/2011: (ES) Barcelona; Spanish tour with Equilibrium and Suidakra
05/03/2011: (ES) Bilbao; Spanish tour with Equilibrium and Suidakra
06/03/2011: (ES) Madrid; Spanish tour with Equilibrium and Suidakra
15/04/2011: (GE) Oberhausen; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
16/04/2011: (GE) Zug; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
17/04/2011: (GE) Deggendorf; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
18/04/2011: (GE) Nürnberg; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
19/04/2011: (CZ) Praha; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
20/04/2011: (AT) Traun; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
21/04/2011: (DE) Jena; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
22/04/2011: (NL) Arnhem; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
23/04/2011: (NL) Leuwarden; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
24/04/2011: (DE) Berlin; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
25/04/2011: (DE) Bonn; Black Trolls over Europe Part II
04/06/2011: (ES) Barcelona; Mephisto TROLLFEST
10/06/2011: (GE) Leipzig; 20. Wave Gotik Trefen
01/07/2011: (FR) Triel Sur Seine; Triel Open Air 2011
30/07/2011: (ES) Castellvell; Castellhell open air III
12/11/2011: (GE) Mülheim an der Ruhr; Black Troll Winterfest
21/11/2011: (ES) Barcelona; Spanish tour with Turisas
23/11/2011: (ES) Madrid; Spanish tour with Turisas
24/11/2011: (ES) A Coruña; Spanish tour with Turisas
26/11/2011: (ES) Bilbao; Dead Tyrants Tour with Moonsorrow, Týr, Crimfall

13/04/2012: (ES) Barcelona; Razzmataz 2 with Korpiklaani and TrollFest
19/04/2012: (FR) Reims; Centre Cultural Du Crous with Nightcreepers
20/04/2012: (FR) Saint Etienne; Salle Club De Fil with Nightcreepers
21/04/2012: (FR) Vernouillet; WARM UP Festival
22/04/2012: (FR) Nantes; Le Ferrailleur with Nightcreepers
06/07/2012: (GE) Elmshorn; Hörnerfest 2012
13/07/2012: (DE) Burg Greifenstein. 8. Celtic Rock Open Air
03/08/2012: (PT) Vagos; Vagos Open Air 2012
24/08/2012: (ES) Barcelona; Festes de Sants
01/09/2012: (ES) Bigues i Riells; Farmer Fest 2012
15/09/2012: (ES) Premia de Mar; GAFARROK 2012

12/01/2013: (ES) Madrid; Gatuperio Viking Fest
16/02/2013: (ES) Granada; 4 the Metal Festival
16/03/2013: (ES) Masnou; Necropolis Festival
06/04/2013: (DE) Lichtenfels; Ragnarök Festival
10/05/2013: (ES) Madrid; Sala Copérnico with Månegarm, Celtibeerian and Salduie
11/05/2013: (ES) Zaragoza; Centro Cívico La Almozara with Månegarm and Salduie
12/05/2013: (ES) Barcelona; Sala Be Good with Månegarm, Steignyr and Kÿlma
17/08/2013: (DE) Barth; Barther Metal Open Air
25/10/2013: (FR) Vernouillet; Warm Up Festival 2013

05/07/2014: (ES) Salas de los Infantes; HOM Fest (Hontoria del Metal)

02/04/2015: (ES) Barcelona; Music Hall with Face the Maybe
11/04/2015: (ES) Zaragoza; Utopía with Red Flag Crew and Yggdrassil
02/05/2015: (ES) Tarragona; Sala Zero with Wargraz and Frozen Shield
15/05/2015: (ES) Barakaldo; Edaska with Blackheath and Winter Wake
16/05/2015: (ES) Vitoria; Ibu Hots with Afire
22/05/2015: (ES) Madrid; We Rock with Eternal Storm, Vikingore and Ulfsark
04/06/2015: (ES) Santanter; Rock Beer the new with Valdûr
05/06/2015: (ES) Salamanca; Sala Bunker with Vikingore
06/06/2015: (ES) Vigo; Pub Transylvania with Terader
11/06/2015: (ES) Estepona; Sala King Creole with Vikingore
12/06/2015: (ES) Sevilla; Sala X with Vikingore and Carving Colours
13/06/2015: (ES) Badajoz; Sala Metalarium with Vikingore and Skaynet
14/06/2015: (PT) Béja; Santa Maria Summer Fest
07/08/2015: (DE) Eberbach; Eberbacher Gassenfest
26/09/2015: (ES) Zaragoza; CC Delicias. Iberian Warriors Metal Fest with Suidakra, Crystal Moors, Pimëa Metsä and Vikingore
31/10/2015: (ES) Barcelona; Sala Upload. I Monsters of Folk with Steignyr, Yggdrassil , and White Raven


Here are some of our latest band pics from recent photo shoots. Feel free to use them on magazines, webzines, social media, etc. Download them all by clicking on the image below or here.

Promo photos

Live photos


When Nature Awakes (Lyric video)
Made by Frederic Da Veins

(für Deutsche) www.vimeo.com/119225778

Fury's Unleashed
Directed by Ángel Jiménez

(für Deutsche) https://vimeo.com/137933261

Live fan videos

Revenge - Live at Ragnarök Fest 2013

The Old Town's Inn - Live at Vagos Open Air 2012

Mix (Metalovisión) - Live at Sala Arena 2012

Immortal Forest Song - Live at Hörnerfest 2012

Where the Heroes Die - Live at Black Troll Winterfest 2011

Live show posters

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